API v3 errors



Request expired / ['request.time'] must be current UTC time +/- 3 hour in UTC is acceptable
Refund status can not be alteredOnly captured payment can be refunded. The payment is in Authorized status, need to wait for final Captured status
Invalid refund requestCheck if payment was fully refunded. We suggest making operations that not less than 1 EUR cent. 
fields ['card_account.card'] may not be emptyNeeds to send security_code = cvv, for example: ("card_account": {"token":"...", "card":{ "security_code": "..." }},)
Can't check card token

Non-existent token was sent

Invalid terminal credentials

Bad request. Item not found in the database

Delete "sandbox" in all the links, where this parameter was specified

The production environment is being specified instead of Sandbox one

Errors: [fields ['payment_data'] are incorrect: amount not valid for provided currency

No decimal values are available for the specified currency.

Concerning other currencies - you should send them in ISO format, with needed decimals. The currency according to international standards has no decimals. We don't recommend to use such amounts because most probably they will not be processed by the bank.

Terminal with ID = 20035 for currency EUR not foundThe wallet with the currency specified isn't active
fields ['card_account.card'] not expected in Payment Page modeThe mode (payment page) is not supported, need contact Account manager in order to switch the mode.



Invalid terminal credentialsThe walled is inactive 
Invalid user credentialsNon-existent wallet or an incorrect password is being used