Decline reasons

Decline codeDecline reasonComments
1System malfunctionError request details to Unlimint. Relates mostly to non-card payment methods
2Cancelled by customerCustomer cancelled the payment before finishing the transaction
3Declined by AntifraudDecline by Unlimint Antifraud system because of AF rules violation (suspicious customer's behavior + your account risk restrictions)
4Declined by 3-D Secure3DS check not passed
5Only 3-D Secure transactions are allowed3DS result didn't meet wallet requirements
63-D Secure availability is unknownIssuer could not respond correctly on 3DS check, wallet settings don't allow such 3DS. Temporary decline
7Limit reachedYour account in Unlimint has no balance to process payouts and refunds
8Requested operation is not supportedService is not allowed/supported for your account in Unlimint (including card types, limits and countries blocks)
10Declined by bank (reason not specified)No exact decline reason received from external system. Refers mostly to non-card methods.
11Common decline by bankIssuer or IPS declined with different reasons, need to contact bank. Also can be checked additionally by Unlimint support
12Soft decline: EMV 3DS Authentication requiredA Soft decline is a temporary authorization failure which may succeed after a subsequent retry with additional authentication (transaction is identified as too risky or suspicious to be accepted by the issuer). If such decline occurs, you may retry completing a transaction by sending a new payment request with the same data as in the original request during 10 minutes after the response Soft decline was received.
13Insufficient fundsNo funds on cardholder's balance or for this specific payment type. Issuer's response.
14Card limit reachedCardholder's account limit reached - Issuer side
15Incorrect card dataInvalid PAN, CVV, transaction not supported by card. Issuer's response
16Declined by bank’s antifraudAntifraud triggered - Issuer or IPS side. Also includes lost or stolen card
17Bank’s malfunctionIssuer or IPS cannot process the transaction at the moment. Temporary decline
18Connection problem

No connection with the IPS or Issuer.

21No payment was received (for BITCOIN payment method only)The customer cancelled a payment or closed the page. Timeout triggered.
22Wrong payment was received (for BITCOIN payment method only)Wrong amount/payment details were indicated
23Confirmations payment timeout (for BITCOIN payment method only)No needed number of confirmation received during needed time period (Unlimint manager can procide more details on your settings)