Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find integration documents?

Manual for different payment methods API v3: https://integration.unlimint.com/. SDK: https://integration.unlimint.com/#sdk. Manual for old API version (v2): https://integration.unlimint.com/v1/api/ 

How can I get test and live credentials?

Please check: https://www.unlimint.com/integration/. Unlimint API integration parameters are available in Merchant Account for sandbox (https://sandbox.cardpay.com/ma/#/settings/wallets) and production (https://cardpay.com/ma/#/settings/wallets): Terminal code (the same as Wallet ID for API v2), Terminal password (the same as Secret word for API v2), Callback secret (used only for API v3). We will send letter with link for generating user password once terminal is active.

Can I get Live account without testing?

Testing isn't mandatory for going Live. 

What will happen with my test account when I go to Live?

Your test account remains active even after going Live.

Can I use real cards/client data in a test area?

You should use only test cards/IDs in Sandbox area. Real data is not allowed. https://integration.unlimint.com/#Introduction

Can I use test cards/client data in Production?

You should use only real cards/IDs in Live area. Test data is not allowed.

Are test credentials the same as in Live mode?

All production credentials and links are different from Sandbox credentials.

What services are enabled for testing?

All services and payment methods are enabled on Sandbox by default for test on a general Terminal ID. Exceptions: Cryptocurrency, CUP, Brazil Local cards (ask your manager to add them).

Users in Merchant Account

What are the links to Merchant Account Interface?

Live https://cardpay.com/ma/, Sandbox https://sandbox.cardpay.com/ma/

What user roles do you offer?

  1. viewer (able to use Merchant Account without transaction performance and financial reports);
  2. viewer + financial reports (same as viewer, but also able to see reports);
  3. admin (full access: proceed with refunds and payouts, manage blacklists and website settings).
    Additional roles:  Bitcoins - need to see bitcoins in MA; Batch refund - make mass refunds; Payment link - can generate payment links; Disputes.

How can I add a new user to my account?

Please contact merchant@unlimint.com with the following information: merchant name, your email, required user role, full name, skype/phone.

How often user password should be changed?

You need to update your password in Merchant Account every 3 months.

How to enable notifications about changing a password?

By default, you will receive notifications by email before 3, 7 days of password expiration. To change notifications, please indicate another email and time periods to Support.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Enter Merchant account login page and press "Forgot password". You will receive a new password by email.

Why didn't I receive an email for "Forgot password" option / password activation link?

Check your spam folder. A separate email is sent automatically. Contact Support if no emails received also in spam.

I need Unlimint IP ranges. Where can I get it? 

Please proceed to https://cardpay.com/ma -> Wallet settings section, clicking on ID. There you will find the required IPs both for Sandbox and Production.

Callbacks and webhooks

How can I set or change Callback URL or JSON Callback URL?

Callback URL is set in Merchant account. We can support JSON Callback URL for API v3 and XML Callback URL (for API v2). If Callback URL was set after transaction creation, it couldn't be resent.
You can also use placeholders in Callback URL: https://integration.unlimint.com/#URL-Placeholders (for example, {transaction_type} can help to distinguish payout and payment callbacks)

What information is sent in callbacks?

Masked PAN, cardholder, card expiry, decline code, IP, customer email are sent in callbacks by default (you may disable some option in Wallet Settings in a Merchant account).

How many callbacks will I receive for a transaction?

You are notified about each status change. For example you can receive several responses for an operation: status "IN_PROGRESS", then a final status ("COMPLETED" or "DECLINED"), when refund is done a status "REFUNDED" etc

What statuses transaction can have?

All transaction statuses are indicated in "TransactionStatus" - https://integration.unlimint.com/#Transaction-status

How transaction statuses can be changed?

https://integration.unlimint.com/#Transaction-status: COMPLETED can be changed to REFUNDED / CHARGED_BACK/ CHARGEBACK_RESOLVED
In general final statuses are: COMPLETED, DECLINED, CANCELLED
Please refer to https://integration.unlimint.com/#Transaction-life-cycle

What I need to check if I don't receive callbacks?

Callback will be resent to you until it was not delivered (https://integration.unlimint.com/#callbacks). Please check if you whitelisted our IPs from website settings in Merchant account.


How can I make a payout?

Payout option should be enabled for your wallet (if payment method supports it). Use the following options:
  1. Merchant Account interface - click on original payment and you will see a button to make a Payout.
  2. Send POST request (https://integration.unlimint.com/#createPayout).

How can I make a refund?

Refund option is enabled by default (if payment method supports it). Use the following options:

  1. Merchant Account interface - click on original payment and you will see a button to make a Refund.
  2. Send POST request (https://integration.unlimint.com/#createRefund).
  3. Merchant Account interface - "Batch refund" allows downloading excel file with payment IDs that need to be refunded. Contact your Account manager to enable this function.

What is the difference between refund and payout?

Refunds sum should not exceed the original deposit sum. Funds reach a client's account within 30 days.
Payouts sum doesn't depend on a deposit amount. Funds reach a client's account within 1-3 days.
Each issuer has its own politics in terms of time frame, a customer may contact his bank for more information.

Can I cancel payout/refund?

Successful withdrawals cannot be cancelled.
We offer "Postponed withdrawals" option to delay a final status obtaining that let you cancel payout or refund before it is sent to an acquirer.

After creation postponed payout/refund you can cancel it within 5 minutes using "Void" option for the original transaction in a Merchant account interface.

Contact your account manager to enable this function.

How does "Postponed withdrawals" option work?

Refunds or Payouts (depends on your choice) are sent to a bank on a scheduled basis. Until they are sent to a bank you can cancel them in a Merchant account interface. Payouts are sent to a bank once an hour, refunds - twice a day. Option collects all withdrawals on weekends from Friday and sends them on Sunday evening.


What API access modes do you offer?

There are 2 API access modes: Payment page (customer's data is entered on our payment page), Gateway mode (customer's data is entered on your side). More information: https://integration.unlimint.com/#API-Entry-Points. Please, be notified, if you choose Gateway mode you need to confirm PCI DSS compatibility. Сontact your account manager for changing mode.

We are using old API v2. How can we upgrade to API v3?

Please contact your Account manager for reintegration (after generation Callback Secret on our side, it will appear in MA, Settings once). Please delete XML Callback URL and set JSON Callback URL in a Merchant account; change URLs according https://integration.unlimint.com/#createPayment

How to use Merchant account interface?

Unlimint dashboard interface: Dashboard, Unlimint orders application interface: Transactions.

What is Blacklist?

Blacklist allows to save you against suspicious customers. You can restrict access to purchases indicating: card number, IP, phone or email.

Do you support iFrame?

We can enable iFrame on production, request your account manager to enable it. On sandbox iFrame is avaliable by default.

Can I save card data for future transactions?

Yes, we offer CardToken and Recurring:
Recurring (no customer presence): receive Recurring Guid in the callback for captured payment (https://integration.unlimint.com/#recurrings) - used for future recurring payments. Contact your account manager to enable it on Live. Recurring is available for Visa, MasterCard, JCB.
CardToken (need CVV2/CVC2 and 3DS passing; token is available for a year): use generate_card_token=true and receive card_token ID in the callback. Enabled on Live by default.

Can we temporary hold funds and Capture/Cancel them later?

For card integration API v3: use "preauth='true'" (https://integration.unlimint.com/#createPayment) and to complete or cancel https://integration.unlimint.com/#updatePayment. If no actions are taken transaction will be captured within 7 days. Please address to Account manager if it should be changed to Voided in 7 days.

For old API v2: You need to send is_two_phase=true and capture the operation with Change order status function. When you make a Void - the hold must be cancelled. If you don't use void transaction status will be changed to Success in 7 days.

How to enable email notifications about payments?

Notifications about transactions to cardholder or merchant can be enabled in Merchant account interface.

Can I add comments to the transaction?

You can use: "description" (will be shown to cardholders) and "note" (for internal comments).

Can I generate payment page through the interface?

For generating payment page in Merchant account please request this service from your account manager - Payment link function. More info Dashboard#PaymentLinkGenerator

Payment page settings 

Can we use our own design of payment page?

  1. Provide a picture or proposed style to your account manager. The logo must be larger than 100 х 100 px. (jpeg or png format)
  2. Provide .CSS file to your account manager. Manual and css template: Customization + forCustomization.rar (password: unlimint). 

How to redirect to my website after payment?

Customer should press Back to the Shop button or you can enable autoredirection to your website after showing a result page in Merchant Account, Settings.

You can set specific return URLs in https://cardpay.com/ma/ (Declined, Captured, Cancel, InProcess) or send in each request (https://integration.unlimint.com/#return-urls).

Can you show payment page in different languages?

You can change the language of main messages on a payment page using the element “locale” (https://integration.unlimint.com/#PaymentRequestCustomer). If you need to add a new locale, please contact Support Team.

Transaction features

What transaction identificator can I use when contact Unlimint Support or Account manager?

Payment data: ID. It is generated by Unlimint side and is sent in callbacks. This is the Order ID from the first column in Transactions interface.

We can locate operations by your own id (merchant_order_id) but this will take more time and we don't control duplicates of this ID.

If I don't have Order ID - what identificators can I use when contact Unlimint Support?

Please indicate the date and time (+ time zone) and ID of request + your IP address.

How to locate transaction in issuer bank? 

Kindly use: ARN, RRN, Authorization code for locating operation in client's bank. The presence of values indicates that data on the mentioned transaction was sent to clearing successfully, the financial message was created without errors and we didn’t receive any rejects. Please note that refunds can go to the customer for up to 30 days.

You can download a confirmation letter in Merchant account interface, section "Transactions" for captured refunds, payouts, payments and provide it to the issuer bank.

What happens if a withdrawal was sent to blocked/closed/lost/inactive card?

Such incoming funds (on blocked/closed/lost cards) should appear on a special bank's account (unclaimed account). The cardholder should check his agreement with a bank or request an issuer this information. 

If the bank holds funds for the declined transaction, what can we recommend to cardholder?

The issuer must release the funds after receiving our confirmation (download "Unprocessed funds" from Merchant account interface, section "Transactions" for declined payments), the customer should insist on releasing the hold.

Do you perform converting currencies and add extra fees?

We do not make conversions or add fees. The data sent to a bank is exactly the same currency and amount you send us in your requests. All extra fees can be added by issuer bank and we cannot be responsible for this or predict/inform you. 

How can we get information on chargebacks and antifraud settings?

If you cannot find needed information in Merchant account interface (Section Disputes) you may contact our Risk team directly: risk@unlimint.com.

Decline reasons 

What decline reasons do you have?

We accumulate declines coming from different banks and payment systems and show you grouped meanings for your convenience: "DeclineCode" in https://integration.unlimint.com/#Decline-codes. More explanation in Decline reasons

We received "Declined by Antifraud", what do you recommend?

Code 03 (Declined by Antifraud) means that our Antifraud system was triggered. Concerning Antifraud work kindly contact our Risk department directly: risk@unlimint.com.
Code 16 (Declined by bank’s antifraud) means that some Issuer or Payment system AF rules are affected. Need to contact an issuing organization.

When making withdrawals we received 07 code "Limit reached" ("Operation is not allowed" in response), what do you recommend?

The reason is in limits: a total amount of refunds and payouts for the last several days exceeds percent of a total captured amount (settings depend on your agreement). You need to accumulate more deposits to be able to make refunds and payouts or you can wait for some period and your limit will be recalculated. The available amount is shown in Merchant account interface - Dashboard - Refunds&Payouts. Please address to your manager for more information.

We received "Cancelled by customer", what do you recommend?

In general, decline reason "Declined by timeout" means that the cardholder didn't enter the details for payment (it's possible that the client push Cancel button or close the payment page or wait for a long time on the payment page). 

We received: "Declined by bank (reason not specified)", "Common decline by bank", "Bank’s malfunction", "Card limit reached",  Incorrect card data", "Insufficient funds", what do you recommend?

Transactions are sent from our side in a general format. It depends on issuer bank and its settings – to approve or decline an operation. A client should contact the issuer directly for more information.

We received: "Declined by 3-D Secure", "Only 3-D Secure transactions are allowed", "3-D Secure availability is unknown", what do you recommend?

Transactions were declined because the client didn’t pass 3-D S secure checking: 1) the result was not received; 2) issuer’s ACS was not available to respond correctly. If 3DS checking is not passed operation is declined on our side due to your 3-D Secure mode. You can also check 3-DS settings with our Risk Team: risk@unlimint.com.